May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Addison Wonderland!!!

I guess it was a little ambitious of me to think I could keep a blog updated, and interesting, and keep my sweet baby within my eyesight at all times.  This year has flown by, faster than any of my previous years that's for sure! I've had so much fun getting to know my little princess and remembering what it's like to play and imagine.  She's such a funny little girl. I'm impressed by her attention span and I'm almost certain that she understands everything that comes out of my mouth.  She loves a good kitchen dance party and has a fondness for Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge and Today Was a Good Day by Ice Cube, lol.  The girl's got a wide range of music tastes just like her big sister, who Addy adores.  They don't look anything alike, but they are more alike than I'd ever thought two half sisters could be.  I guess that's because to me, Eve is mine, from my body just as Addy and Evan are.  She's my junior ppp and it makes me so excited to have that kind of relationship with Miss Addison.  I can only hope she loves me like Eve does!!!
We had such a good time last Saturday at Addy's first birthday party.  It was owl themed for our little night owl, whooooo loves a good party.  She played the day away with her closest friends and family.  She was dressed to the nines in a personalized cupcake tee and multicolored toole tutu with matching bows.  Her cake matched the festivities, lime green vanilla with a pastel pink vanilla frosting and shaped like her night-night owls. Her guests enjoyed chocolate and vanilla owl cupcakes, white chocolate dipped prezel sticks, pink rice crispy treats, fruits and veggies and each of her little friends adopted, and took home, their very own handmade Night-Night Owl. We also had a handmade, custom pinata made to match Addy's birthday cake and night-night owls.  I've only spent this much time and effort into one other event in my life and that was my wedding which was equally memorable and timeless!!! As labor intensive as it was it was a labor of love and I enjoyed being able to do for my sweet baby.  Reading Tori Spelling's books is probably what gave me such seemingly ambitious party ideas. Seeing in all written down it doesn't seem like all that much, but I spent a good two months planning and crafting to be sure that everything was just the way I wanted it to be and I don't mind admitting it, it really was just perfect.  Just like our sweet, sweet punky girl...

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